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Most recent articles

Political Declaration of the Encounter of Social Organizations of Canada, United States and Mexico (1)

Monday 5 June 2017 by Coordination
The participants in the Encounter of Social Organizations of Canada, the United States and Mexico, facing the likely prospect of renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), condemn this model which has seriously affected national development in a manner contrary to the (...)


Saturday 8 April 2017 by Ronald Cameron
May 26 and 27, 2017 at the Palacio de Minería, Calle Tacuba 5 in the Historic Centre of Mexico City We call on social movements, trade unions, farmers, indigenous nations, migrants, environmentalists, human rights groups and all other interested sectors/organizations from Mexico, United States (...)

A Call for the Building of an Alternative Legal Framework to the International Investment Treaties: favoring the Public Interest while doing away with Transnational Corporate Impunity

Wednesday 14 May 2014 by Pierre-Yves
This is a document prepared by the Working Group on Investment of the Americas which includes people from several organizations and networks seeking to ensure that international trade and investment is based on social justice and respect for the environment. The objective of this document is (...)

Transatlantic Statement Opposing Excessive Corporate Rights (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) in the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Tuesday 5 February 2013 by Pierre-Yves
February 5, 2013 The undersigned European, Canadian and Quebec organizations strongly oppose the inclusion of an excessive investment protection chapter and investor-state dispute settlement process (ISDS) in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) for the following reasons: (...)

PRESS RELEASE: Excessive corporate rights in Canada-EU trade deal are unacceptable to broad section of European, Canadian and Quebec society

Tuesday 5 February 2013 by Pierre-Yves
Brussels, Ottawa and Montreal – Labour, environmental, Indigenous, women’s, academic, health sector and fair trade organizations from Europe, Canada and Quebec representing more than 65 million people are demanding that Canada and the EU stop negotiating an excessive and controversial investor (...)

Elections 2011: Canada’s Free Trade agenda: Dissing democracy and rewarding despots

Sunday 27 January 2013 by Pierre-Yves

French President Hollande told of European and Canadian opposition to CETA

Friday 18 May 2012 by Pierre-Yves
Read the Press Release

Call for an Alternative Investment Model

Sunday 6 November 2011 by Pierre-Yves
Dowload the Call by clicking on the attached document below.

Over 80 European and Canadian Organizations Demand an End to Canada-EU Free-Trade Talks

Thursday 20 October 2011 by Pierre-Yves
Read the Press Release

Time to Open up the Canada-EU Free Trade Deal, Say Canadian and Quebec Groups in Europe Following 8th Round of Negotiations

Friday 15 July 2011 by Pierre-Yves
Read the Press Release

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